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The Seventh Forum of the World Association for Political Economy


State, Market, the Public and the Human Development in the 21st Century

was held from May 25 to May 27, 2012
at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City


Topics for the Seventh WAPE Forum
1. The relationship between state, market, and the public under globalization
2. The status, role, and forms of organization of the public in globalization
3. Marxism and the human development in the 21st century
4. The new imperialism and its many negative influences on human development
5. The economic, political, and military roots of the fiscal crises in the U.S. and Europe
6. Employment and income distribution under the “dual failure” of state and market
7. The polarization of wealth on the global level and in different countries and its negative effects
8. The reform of international economic organizations and the development of human society
9. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and “South-South Cooperation”
10. The Occupy Movements and teh Critique of Capitalism
11. Left movements in Latin America and socialism in the 21st century

Proposals on the above listed topics and beyond for both individual papers and complete panels are welcome. Some of the sessions will be co-supported by Kyoto University and Japan Society for Promoting Science.
Please send your application, including curriculum vitae and a paper abstract of 500 words, to Professor Xiaoqin Ding at
Deadline for applications: February 28, 2012.
Applicants will be notified about acceptance of their applications by March 10, 2012.
Papers of up to 10,000 words will be due by April 15, 2012.

Conference papers will be considered for publication in World Review of Political Economy.
Official Languages of the Forum: English and Chinese

Schedule 1. On site registration and WAPE Council meeting on May 25, 2012.
2. Official program on May 26 through May 27, 2012.

The registration is US$100 per person.

Hotel Accommodation

Participants will be able to book rooms at "Radisson Paraíso Hotel México DF". The room rate is 1185 Mexico pesos per night, about US$90 including taxes. Breakfast is about US$12 extra. Attached is the room request form of Radisson

Marxian economists from all over the world are welcome to attend the forum whether or not they will present a paper. The WAPE Forums aim to encourage cooperation among Marxian economists and to enlarge and strengthen the influence of Marxian economics in the world.

About WAPE

WAPE, The World Association for Political Economy, registered in Hong Kong, China, is an international academic organization founded in 2006 by Marxian economists and related groups around the world. The mission of WAPE is to utilize modern Marxian economics to analyze and study the world economy, reveal its laws of development, and offer policies to promote economic and social progress on the national and global level. The last six WAPE forums were successively held in Shanghai, Shimane (Japan), Beijing, Paris, Suzhou(China), and Amherst (USA) during 2006-2011. Participants in past WAPE forums have come from over 50 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

About WRPE

The World Review of Political Economy is a new peer-reviewed quarterly journal of Marxian Political Economy sponsored by WAPE and published by Pluto Press.

To view abstracts and table of contents, have more information on how to submit a paper for publication and purchase a subscription, visit:
To be redirected to the website of Pluto Journals and purchase a subscription online via secure credit card transaction click: Subscribe here!

Non-editorial queries should be sent to:

WRPE contributions will be of four categories:
1) Articles, with abstract, within 10,000 words;
2) Book Reviews, within 2000 words;
3) Academic Frontiers, such as conference report, coverage on scholarly exchanges, literature review, commentary on latest research developments, within 3000 words;
4) People, introducing academic experience, thoughts and achievements of distinguished Marxian economists, within 6000 words;
and should be submitted to Prof. Xiaoqin Ding, Managing Editor of WRPE (

WAPE Awards

The Distinguished Achievement Award of World Political Economy of the 21st Century, established by WAPE, has been granted annually since 2009. It is intended to promote research in modern political economy around the world by granting the award to economists who have made important innovations in the theory or methodology of political economy since the year of 2001. Marxian Economics Award, established by WAPE in 2011, is to promote the prosperity and development of the research of Marxist economics around the world by granting the award to economists of different countries in the world who have made important innovations in the research of theories, methodology and application of Marxian economics. The 2012 WAPE Awards will be granted at the opening ceremony of the Seventh WAPE Forum. Nominations and applications can be sent to

                                                                                        The WAPE Secretariat

                                                                                                      26 January 2012